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Buyer support

Are you considering buying a boat, but feel concerned about the complexities of the buying process?

Increasingly we find ourselves acting on behalf of the Buyer, when a client is looking to buy a boat privately. Normally a broker will represent the Vendor (seller), but this is a special service we have developed with Buyers in mind.

How does it work?

You have a boat in mind and we would represent you in the buying process as your personal consultant for half our normal commission (4% in UK, 5% outside UK). Or we can work for a fixed fee. We are reasonably comfortable in claiming that in just about all cases 'we easily save our fee'

What would we do?

  • evaluate the boat relative to the details presented to you
  • recommend to you the best approach for an offer
  • recommend a suitable surveyor
  • research the boat's design, history and previous ownership
  • help you to establish that the vendor has clear title and can legally sell to you
  • communicate in depth with you about the significance of the Survey Report findings
  • attend sail trials, check with you all the listed items work properly
  • advise you on any reasonable price reductions and why
  • always be aware of your contractual position and what options are available
  • after the purchase, help you with Registration.

Why PBM?

PBM has sold over 1,500 boats in the last 28 years. During that time, the company has learnt a thing or two about where you can save, what to watch out for, plus and minus points of various designs and how a particular boat can work with your future plans.

Satisfied Clients?

We would be happy to give you the names of previous clients who have used us on this basis and you can ask them directly what they thought of this idea and the results from it.

Call us to discuss, even if you just need some quick information and advice.